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Outlook PST Viewer to Evalute Microsoft Outlook Data Items

Forensic Email AnalysisPST File Viewer is an effective application to view Outlook Files and including data items. This software help users in scanning and examining the various PST File items such as Attachments, Contacts, Calendars, Appointments, Notes, Tasks, etc. It helps to reveal the core data of Outlook emails and relevant items like attachments, properties views, etc. Your experience with the software will surely be excellent because least involvement to operate the tool is required from user's end to read PST file contents. It also plays an important role in forensic investigation of Microsoft Outlook's database as it is capable to analyze the headers of spam or fake emails.


Exclusive Features of Free PST Viewer:

  • Two Variant Scan Modes: Sometimes, user perspective for reading or analyzing the Outlook PST file can be differ. Outlook PST Viewer gives two variants scan modes to read Outlook Files or emails with all the embedded details.
  • View Emails with Major Attributes: After scanning the entire PST database, the utility allows three different modes to view the emails of Microsoft Outlook along with their attributes. “Normal View”, “Properties View” and “Attachment” options are the key modes to view Outlook Files (emails) co-related elements.
  • Preview Outlook Calendar, Notes, Tasks: These are the other important components of Outlook PST files which also covers a huge size of data file and contains crucial details like meeting requests, appointments, etc. PST File Viewer gives privilege to read Outlook files and these several items of PST File via providing a simple user interface.
  • Advance Search: Aftermath reading and analyzing the Outlook files, extracting the Microsoft Outlook Database is one of the major work which a user seeks in any software. An easy an effective search function through which they can obtain the required data. Advance Search option in Outlook PST viewer help users to search out the email or file via applying major filter levels on emails such as TO, CC, BCC. You can also apply “AND” & “OR” to magnify the execution of filtration.
  • Save Scanned Data Into PDF (With Pro-Version): By using the free version of PST Viewer, you can view Outlook Files, but it does not provide any privilege to export these examined files into the external drive.  To complete this task or to save the required emails from the analyzed database, a user can upgrade the software with its Pro-version. Upgraded version of Outlook PST Viewer endows an extra feature to save the inspected Outlook Data File into desirable location. Also, Naming Convention drives your data in an effective manner to the external drive.

View Outlook Files - Perfect Alternative to Invesgitage Outlook Emails

If you are looking for any software which could read Outlook Files in a simple manner, then Outlook PST Viwer can be a good choice for you. This software dig out the Outlook emails or related database and gives authentication to users to view Outlook files.

Tracking spoof emails via analyzing their header parts is the most exclusive role to be played in the Forensic email analysis by PST File Viewer. It analyzes email headers and its other major parts deeply to identify whether the email header has been changed or not?

Download Freeware PST Viewer-Test Everything

Our free Outlook PST Viewer Utility is specially designed to extract the Outlook Data File items. It's makes your task easier by obtaining the core data of PST file. Download this utility and start digging the PST File data Now.

Important Note: This software does not work on the corrupted or damaged PST File. If you are dealing with an infected Outlook Data File and trying to enforce PST Viewer on it so you could read Outlook Files, then first repair it by using scanpst.exe.